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Looking for Inclusion & Diversity Training for your Team?

The Enlightened Unicorn is all about providing a way for you to learn and listen to others, in smaller bite size modules. Unicorns.LIVE and Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay have created an enlightening series focusing on gender and sexual diversities, often referred to as the LGBT, LGBT2Q+, 2SLGBTIQ+ and many more. Featuring topics including LGBT2Q+ history, pronouns, and gender-neutral language, this is perfect for teams, workplaces or anyone who wants to better understand the Gender and Sexually Diverse (GSD) community. 

What Sets the Enlightened Unicorn Apart:

With all the episodes online, your team can complete their training at their own pace, from anywhere with internet.

Most episodes are 15-minutes or less so the information is easy to absorb.

Your team can complete their training when it's convenient for them, no need to get everyone together.

The bundle of seven episodes is only $15 per person!

Get Access to the GSD Series

About the Enlightened Unicorn 

There are plenty of us out there that want to be a better person. We want to be better allies to those around us but we often struggle on how to do this. You can’t just wake up one day and pretend you are an ally. You need to educate yourself on how to be an ally. You need to learn and take the time to listen to people who have experience.

The Enlightened Unicorn is all about providing a way  to learn and listen to others. On your time in smaller bite size modules.