About Peak Pride

Peak Pride is the world’s largest and freshest collection of winter pride events, conceived and produced by Rebellious Unicorns. It all started in the spring of 2016. Dustyn Baulkham (our Founder) - had a fabulous idea… An annual winter Pride weekend on a world-class ski hill in the BC Interior! Peak Pride was born at Big White Ski Resort.

Now in our fifth year, Peak Pride has grown to include FIVE magnificent ski resorts in the BC: Big White, Sun Peaks, SilverStar, RED Mountain Resort and new in 2022, Mount Washington on Vancouver Island! Featuring a series of stellar events over the course of an amazing weekend, Peak Pride has something for almost everyone. From family-friendly day activities to high energy nightlife featuring top-tier local talent, Peak Pride brings our community together like never before. Peak Pride focuses on showcasing local talent, building community, and making life-long friendships. We LOVE to celebrate, but Peak Pride is not a ski resort circuit party. Peak Pride guests are looking for snow quality, the opportunity to meet new people, share a collective experience and show their PRIDE. Unity and camaraderie take centre stage at Peak Pride. With prime skiing conditions, creative and fun events held in a supportive, inclusive environment, Peak Pride is a must attend event for our community and allies alike.

We believe Pride is 365 days a year, and we’re delighted to be able to bring our community together to celebrate Canada’s freshest winter pride. The LGBT2Q+ community, allies, and friends are all welcome to attend and we look forward to celebrating with you!