March 24, 2022 Big White Update

Hello Everyone,

It is with great disappointment that I have to update you on some unfortunate changes happening this weekend for Peak Pride @ Big White. 

First let’s start with a little bit of good news - QUSIC at Globe is moving to a free event thanks to the generous support of Jude (one of the owners) and her team. If you have already committed by purchasing a ticket, you will receive a full refund. An email will be following this with your refund notice and you should expect to see the value on your original form of payment within 10 business days. For those who committed early by purchasing tickets we will have reservations close to our performers Matty & Toddy in the bar area to thank you for your early support.

Unfortunately, ticket sales for wipeOUT have been lower than expected. Our host location has a capacity of about 300+ people, and as of tonight we have less than 50 tickets sold. Being that sales weren't going well, and citing concerns from the venue, we reached out to the venue to explore alternatives to help the event go on. Proposed ideas included lowering the price, or even making the event free. We were shocked when the response we received from the venue was that some of the ownership and management "never wanted to do it in the first place. They’re all in agreement that we would do more business on a Saturday night without it.".

As an event and production company, there's a level of professionalism we expect from each and every one of our event partners (which we've always received and are very thankful for) and for the first time, we feel that bar was not met. In light of this, we will no longer be partnering with this venue.

Both the Friday Après & Saturday wipeOUT are officially cancelled and full refunds will be issued. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience to those who have accommodations on the mountain and are making a special effort to attend our events. We appreciate you more than we can share in an email. 

The Saturday Parade & Après at Globe will continue as planned. We will have a merch table at the three events for you to snag your Peak Pride merch or pride flags. 

In the meantime we look forward to our final Peak Pride event for the season at SilverStar! Tickets are selling extremely well, our partners are awesome, and we can’t wait to welcome you to their mountain! 

We appreciate your understanding on this and hope to see you this weekend and/or next weekend as we celebrate coming to the end of a great Peak Pride season.

Yours in Pride, 

Dustyn & the Unicorn Team.